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What is ISO 22001 (food safety management system)?

Foods are the essential factor for humans, consumers make a pressing demand safety of foods no longer interest for hazard of foods.

Diseases related to foods have occurred continuously in the trend of changing the producing & distributing system of food and life style, mess production, mess sale, and using processed foods, and increasing the dining out & mess feeding, it exceeds enormous economical losses and social expenses.

It is difficult to prevent food incidents and to secure safety of foods which become larger and larger with existing facilities, equipment-centered monitoring methods, and empirical cleaning methods, HACCP guideline is established that focuses to preventive action from CAC (Codex Alimentarius commission) internationally, then HACCP and ISO 22000 based on ISO 9001 in international standards is established and is announced to targets of organizations which are all stages of the food supplying chain from ISO/TC 34(Technology commission)

Benefits FSMS


Increase the safety of the food you work with - if food related diseases get into your food supply it can be devastating. By becoming ISO 22000 certified, you are putting the systems in place to minimize risk.

Competitive advantage - in addition to protecting your organization against risk, the ISO 22000 certification will help you stand out from your competitors who do not adhere to its standards.

Enhanced reputation by becoming ISO 22000 you are demonstrating your commitment to food safety to stakeholders and any interested parties.

Peace of mind for management ISO 22000 gives your management a framework that helps ensure the safety of the food you are working with.

A truly global standard ISO 22000 is applicable to all organizations within the global food chain, allowing you to easily identify partners to work with.